Presentation at BPMCamp 2016

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot provide the presentation slides as it’s considered proprietary and confidential. I will put up a link to it, if this changes.

At 2016’s BPMCamp, I got the chance to present on the topic of “Design: A look from an Engineer’s Perspective”. This was my opportunity to show both coworkers and BP3 customers what design means to engineers, and why it’s important for them as well.

The idea behind “design thinking” was that we should learn to keep the UI simple and uncluttered (though this may change depending on your audience. For example, culturally speaking, people have different expectations of websites in Japan compared to the US) while also periodically performing usability tests of our product, so that we know it meets end user demands.

Another crucial point was that as engineers, we need to be able to take what customers want and and from that, interpret what they need as more often than not, customers will know what they want, but will lack the technical language to express what they need. And the best way to find this out is to perform periodic usability tests.

The Oatmeal has a funny comic regarding this issue.

Finally, I remember speaking about mental models, which help us understand how the end users process information when they’re using a product. A map of the mental model helps us understand what paths we need to take to implement and satisfy the needs of our users.

An example of a Mental Model, created for a someone seeking financial aid for education. The top of the divider contains questions, while the bottom contains potential answers. Taken from EIZANS.

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