Hello! I’m Arda, a software engineer with a breadth of experience in full-stack, custom and experimental application development. My passion centers around building engaging user experiences and designing creative, effective and maintainable solutions to challenging problems. But that doesn’t stop here; I’m an adept learner with a curiosity for new and diverse skills to cultivate and apply. When I’m not coding, I enjoy outdoor photography, astronomy, music and playing video games.

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More About Me

My years of experience interfacing with engineers and customers had formative influence on my programming philosophy: Software Architecture, Software Design and User Experience are paramount to creating maintainable, profitable and enjoyable software. Therefore, I invest time in widening my exposure and keeping up with technology trends in order to apply them effectively and innovatively in my career. Developing applications that utilize OpenCV’s image recognition capabilities, while introducing tools like Webpack and frameworks like Spring Boot and Angular 2+ into full-stack applications were part and parcel of my work as an engineer in the Business Process Management industry.


In 2014, I graduated from the top undergraduate engineering college in the United States, located in Terre Haute, Indiana, with a double major (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science and Software Engineering. During college, I was prominently involved in the Residence Hall Association and the Student Activities Board.


Upon graduation, I spent 3 years as a Full-Stack Software Engineer at BP3 Global, where I occasionally provided consultations to customers. Often, I worked in teams to gather requirements, architect, design, implement, test, release and maintain full-stack products. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to conduct independent Research and Development on specialized applications for internal use or potential new products. I am familiar with Agile development practices in the workplace environment, including Scrum (Daily standups and 1-2 week long sprints), and Kanban, which was introduced upon the assignment of projects driven by customer feature requests.

Outside of Work

I have varied interests, aside from software and engineering. Through college, I played in a charitable band for Juvenile Diabetes Research fundraising. In 2017, I organized company social meetups in Austin, Texas to teach landscape photography to my fellow coworkers. Traveling to immerse in new cultures and cuisine is also one of my top hobbies. Some might say I’m a great Mediterranean cook! Lastly, video games involving strategy and adventure are among my favorite genres to play.